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Paramore’s music videos on YouTube (Part I) (Part II)
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Laughing at kids is fun Part 2.

I cackled at this and my descent to hell is all but guaranteed now.

Omg that soccer one had me DYING


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Don’t worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It’s not eloquence he seeks, just honesty.


it’s 2014 and teeth still don’t brush themselves what’s this shit

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Knowing that he wouldn’t be there for her wedding, a terminally ill father walked his 11-year-old down the ‘aisle’ years early with the pastor sweetly pronouncing them ‘daddy and daughter’.

Jim Zetz, 62, from Murrieta, California, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, proudly held his daughter, Josie’s hand during their backyard ceremony on March 14 and placed a sparkling ring on her index finger.” 

oh my god this made me cry

this is disgusting

How revolting. What a pig of a man. He can’t bear the thought of his daughter not being owned by a man.

Or maybe if she decides she WANTS to marry the love of her life he wishes he could walk her down the aisle you fucking idiots

Yes let us force heterosexuality and archaic rituals of the patriarchal exchange of property onto pre-pubescent children, wooo freedom of choice woo

W h a t

This is why I hate Tumblr sometimes so much. "In 72 hours we managed to make one little girl’s wish to have her Daddy with terminal cancer attend her wedding come true.” And people on Tumblr go like MAKING LITTLE GIRL’S WISH COME TRUE is disgusting. Check the facts. Learn to read. Don’t be a dick. Thank you.

I swear to god if I hear the word patriarch one more fucking time im burning down this website’s servers. You people make me fucking sick with your “Social justice”. YOU’RE the fucking bigots. This man is/was DYING OF CANCER and you think you can just waltz up and call him a disgusting pig

You fucking pretentious little shit maggots make me vomit.

"Why is feminism a bad word?" 

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Teen Girl Ejected From Prom Because Horny Dads Can’t Stop Staring

A 17-year-old girl says she was kicked out of her homeschool prom because some lecherous dads complained that she was arousing “impure thoughts.”

In a guest post on her sister’s blog, a Richmond, Va., high school senior named Clare related how one of the women organizing the dance disapproved of her dress, even after checking it met the “fingertip length” dress code requirement. When she got into the ballroom, Clare, who is 5’9”, was amused to find herself surrounded by shorter girls in much shorter dresses.

On a balcony above the dance floor, a group of dads was, she said “ogling and talking amongst themselves,” which grossed out Clare and her friends a little bit.

After the kids had been “swaying with the music and talking and enjoying ourselves” for a while, the same chaperone who had complained about Clare’s dress pulled her aside to tell her that some of the dads felt her dancing was “too provocative” and liable to cause “impure thoughts.”

Clare protested that she hadn’t even been dancing, and was told once again that her regulation finger-length dress was too short. She was kicked out of the dance, and her friends decided to go with her.

The dance organizers said they would refund the group’s tickets, but only Clare got her money back, even after some of her friends’ parents called to ask about it.

In her post, Clare asks the Richmond Homeschool Prom to “refund my group as they verbally promised to do, and issue an apology for kicking me out of my senior prom because their husbands felt as though my body was something they had a right to control.”

"I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 year old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and a big ass for a teenager," she concludes. "And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem."

The administrators of the prom’s Facebook group don’t seem to be swayed. They got so many negative comments about the incident that they gave up on deleting all of them and shut down the page instead.

Comments that were deleted from their facebook: HERE and HERE

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a hood nigga dealing with rejection  (via vinebox)

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You ugly anyway

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If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.
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